City Center Walking Tour

If you want to get more out of your visit to Helsinki, join the City Center Walking Tour to hear how this country and city have evolved through years and learn about the local lifestyle!

Before Finland declared its independence 100 years ago, the small country had been a part of Russia and Sweden. Both eras have left their mark on Finnish culture and daily life. Just after becoming an independent country in December 1917, during the spring right and left party had such great animosity towards each other it culminated into a rough civil war. In 1919 after the war Finland became a republic.

Helsinki started small and isn’t that big of a capital city even today. The nature all around us, fresh air, intriguing architecture, beautiful Scandinavian design, fascinating history and great infrastructure makes this city a great destination for many.

City Center Walking tour

Do you want to see and experience how Finland has formed into a successful Nordic European country while wandering the beautifully designed streets of Helsinki? In that case, this city tour is for you: the various architectural stages of the Nordic capital will guide you through the history. You also get to taste some of the most traditional Finnish delicacies while hearing about the local lifestyle.

Main topics on the tour include politics, wars, economics and history in general in the form of stories to introduce how events of the past created the city and country we live in today.

The tour starts from Helsinki Cathedral stairs (Hallituskatu 9). Look for a guide with a green cap.

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