Mental Walk – Guided Tour In Former Psychiatric Hospital

There’s countless stories about the evolution of this mental hospital facility and today’s cultural and mental well-being oasis – you will get to hear the best during our walking tour in Lapinlahti hospital area.


Electric shock therapy, bathing, medicine, straitjackets and gardening therapy… All the mentioned have been used trying to cure patients during the history of the first Finnish psychiatric hospital Lapinlahti. The 160 years of hospital operations hold both tragic and hopeful stories and destinies. Some of the historical celebrities of Finland have also spent some time in the facility, one of which is Aleksis Kivi – a famous revolutionary author, who didn’t get recognition during his lifetime. Due to crushing reviews of his masterpiece-to-be novel Seitsemän Veljestä (Seven Brothers) he fell into mental illness and ended up in Lapinlahti hospital. Unfortunately, his illnesses were not correctly diagnosed or treated and he was returned home. Later many current famous Finnish personalities have spent time in Lapinlahti recharging from stress and curing problems in their mental health.

Every leading doctor in charge made changes that formed the hospital into an important mental health hub with leading psychiatry education and research. When the hospital operations were permanently ceased in 2008 after 160 years, many organizations were planning the use and renovation of the place. Finally, in 2015 the premises and buildings were rented and today the functions are run by Lapinlahden Lähde -organization with its partners.

Lapinlahti hospital sits in a picturesque setting, that has conquered the hearts of locals and travelers alike, still remaining a hidden gem close to the city. Surrounded by culture and art, one’s mind settles next to the sea and in the middle of beautiful gardens. The old sauna and garden patches that citizens take care of combined with the unique feeling created by the old buildings will guarantee peace of mind. Events, other happenings, art exhibitions, café and whatnot cater the people wanting to get together and appreciate culture and mental health.

Mental Walk -walking tour

Our walking tour in Lapinlahti will introduce you to the development of psychiatry in general and especially the phases of the hospital all the way from Middle Ages to the present day. You will get to experience the unique atmosphere and see how the premises are utilized today honoring the history and creating a space for peace, wellness and communality.

The hour-long tour is arranged in co-operation with Lapinlahden Lähde and Pro Lapinlahti organizations that both work to improve the functions and stand for the hospital as an important cultural site in Helsinki.

Remember to dress according to weather as most of the tour is outside. Inside the hospital, you will get to see the most famous patient Aleksis Kivi’s room and hear about his time in Lapinlahti.

The tour starts at Café Lähde (Lapinlahdentie 1), where the payments of the tour are handled as well.

Book your spot in advance either by email – or from our main website booking system. More information by calling 046 938 4905.

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